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Still Probolems with updates!

Owner lk9594 - 19 - January- 2014 at 2035

Sory Guys! Still a probolem with the update system, ill try get it sorted...

Probolems with updates!

Owner lk9594 - 31 - October- 2013 at 2055

Well, as most poeple know (now) that our server is hosted by VidarVali via a Multicraft Control pannel. For some reason, Multicraft thinks the latest DEV build is 1.6.2... Yeah. Ill try get this fixed as soon as possible.


Owner lk9594 - 08 - June - 2013 at 1345

I am extreamly unhappy to anounce, we are being HACKED ALOT. At the moment, dannyboss15 is the culperate, and we think jordyboy9, an admin, keeps unbanning him. I, and the Admin Team, shall look into this and stop him as soon as possible!

Updated to 1.6.2

Owner lk9594 - 16 - July- 2013 at 1515

HooRayy!!! Were finaly 1.6.2. But, right now, were still using the old map. We will update the map shortly, so bringong the joy of horses and all 1.6 items. We might be adding a shop and other features. Curently I have found out whats wrong with the permissions, and will try to fix them as soon as possible :D.

Permissions Update

Owner lk9594 - 08 - June - 2013 at 1345

Well guys, were 1.5.2 now, and have been for a long while, but the permissions are still mucked up! you can tp to spawn by doing /warp spawn and you are encouraged to vote for the server aswell. If you do this you shall gain 1 diamond. If you have any ideas on the permissions, please email me at!

The Servers UP!!!

Owner lk9594 - 19 - April - 2013 at 1840

Hey Ma Crafters! Welcome to 1.5.1 and Ma Craft is finaly UP!!! Finaly it is up! We are still sorting out all the permisions so YOU CANT DO /spawn, /home or /sethome yet. Please sit tight and it will be fixed soon!

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